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Note: The street name must be entered with the correct abbreviations for the street type and direction (if any).  Example:  "North Bascom Avenue" should be entered as "N Bascom Ave".  Please see below for a list of street type abbreviations and more examples.


Note: The School Lookup Tool provides a preliminary neighborhood school assignment based on the address provided. However, actual enrollment is based on space availability at the school site. 

Street type abbreviations:
Street Type Abbreviation   Street Type Abbreviation
Alley ALY   Loop LOOP
Avenue AVE   Parkway PKWY
Boulevard BLVD   Place PL
Circle CIR   Road RD
Commons CMN   Street ST
Court CT   Terrace TER
Drive DR   Trail TRL
Highway HWY   Vista VIS
Lane LN   Way WAY


Street Name Enter As
West Eighth Street W 8th St
East Thirteenth Street E 13th St
Delta Fair Boulevard Delta Fair Blvd
Knollpark Circle Knollpark Cir
Prewett Ranch Drive Prewett Ranch Dr


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